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Improves Students' Wellbeing

Our Centres of Influence

Our Centres of Influence
Our Centres of Influence

Bullying Impacts Well-being

The number 1 contributor to low self-esteem of students is bullying.

Let us show you the importance of using Visible Internet.

Wellbeing Management Centre

"Visible Internet is an interactive technology enabling educators and their support to understand on a micro-level how their students use the internet.

Visible Internet makes sure school staff are notified if students are viewing Internet content harmful to their wellbeing or content getting the road of their learning and education"

Some of the Features

Well-being Radar, Image Recognition Artificial Intelligence, Student Data Insights, Flagged Alerts, Device Management.

Watch how Visible Internet supports student development and welfare

Student Welfare App

For anyone responsible for student education and wellbeing

Remote Learning

When any of your students are learning out from school, watch this video!