Putting Educators
Way Out in Front

Putting Educators Way Out in Front

Use Visible internet to understand and interact with your students.

Using image recognition artificial intelligence, Visible Internet observes student's internet use, categorises the internet content they view and determines the probability of that content getting in the road of learning and education.

Visible Internet for Students

Bullying Impacts Wellbeing

The number 1 contributor to low self-esteem of students is bullying.

Hey, pretty. Party's cancelled. Till next time. Hey, loser. We don't want you. Get lost! Gp awa!y

Using ( AI ) as a wellbeing tool, school staff are alerted to those students who use the internet as a platform to bully, threaten or intimidate other students.

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Visible Internet for Schools
Introducing Visible Internet

Visible Internet - Schools

Teacher's App
Introducing Visible Internet

Visible Internet - Teachers

The system generated notification feature sends alerts to a designated staff member.
Using the comprehensive analytical reporting tools, the system administrator has complete visibility over all classes and their students.
Visible Internet uses Artificial Intelligence in a pragmatic and logical way to encourage smart and responsible use of the Internet.
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