Putting Educators
Way Out in Front

Putting Educators Way Out in Front

Use Visible internet to understand and interact with your students.

At its core, Visible Internet uses Artificial intelligence
to observe students' internet activity before making recommendations
if the AI recognises content that is getting in the road of students’ learning or impacting their wellbeing.

Administrators can set their own AI parameters to notify a designated adult
if the student has crossed over to viewing unacceptable internet.

Visible Internet for Students

Visible Internet is a tool of understanding and a point of interaction between students, schools and parents.

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Why getting out in front is important!
Introducing Visible Internet

Visible Internet - Principals

Teacher know-how!
Introducing Visible Internet

Visible Internet - Students

The system generated notification feature sends alerts to a designated staff member.
Using the comprehensive analytical reporting tools, the system administrator has complete visibility over all classes and their students.
Visible Internet uses Artificial Intelligence in a pragmatic and logical way to encourage smart and responsible use of the Internet.
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