February 3, 2020



Sometimes, the process for newer technology to filter down to the masses can take time, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case with 5G. Everyone involved seems super keen to move to 5G as fast as possible. It should have an exciting impact on edtech. Educational technology will advance rapidly once 5G becomes standard due to superman data transfer speeds. A lot of modern-day teacher tools rely on the internet and with 5G that will increase their diversity.

Educational technology is already advancing forward with school classrooms adopting teacher tools that utilise virtual reality, augmented reality and next generation cloud computing. With 5G, we expect that to become the norm.

Another important advantage of the 5G evolution is price. Manufactures and operators are already pushing 5G smart phones and other technologies and they are expecting mass adoption. As 5G bundled plans continue to rollout in 2020, it’s expected there to be 1 billion users by 2023.

But 5G is going to increase the high number of students hot spotting their smart phones. Slow and restricted school networks won’t make sense to a generation who are data driven with an insatiable need for speed.

So, adopting technologies like Visible Internet will offer schools and parents a smart and logical way to manage students Internet with or without 5G.