January 11, 2021

AI Teachers – Will They be Accepted?

What if we can provide assistance to teachers by giving them assistants which can do tedious tasks like answering FAQs, provide subtitles for class videos or even help with assessing students’ works? Will you be open to that idea?

Jill Watson, an AI teaching assistant created by a researcher in Georgia Institute of Technology was designed to answer frequently asked questions. The AI was trained with thousands of questions and answers commonly brought up by online class students.

Another one is called Presentation Translator which is a free plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint. This AI creates subtitles in real time. This helps students to follow the teacher conveniently.

Gradescope, on the other hand, can assist in grading learners’ works. Microsoft Azure and Machine Learning were utilized to make this possible.

However, we must also consider how students will react to this. Studies pointed out that an AI assistant should be easy to talk to and effective for the learners to accept them. 

What are your thoughts about this?