March 8, 2021

Animations are Better than Text? | 1min read

Compared to plain text and static images, animations, when used for educational purposes, have impact on students’ learning process. If you are going to teach them a dynamic process, something that cannot be seen by the naked eye, a system simulation, a story or even mathematical concepts – what do you think would be the best approach?

I have seen students fall asleep with boring text and plain images but the same students were so active when shown animated images. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2D or 3D but once these learners were presented with moving animation accompanied by sound effects and music, the concepts taught to them were easily received.

Of course, animations are not ideal for all learning situations. The educators need to know the needs of the students before presenting these moving presentations. Factors to consider are the age group of the students, colors used, the pacing of the animation, music and sound effects used, devices used by the learner and the assessment that comes after the animation.

Have you included animation in your lesson plan? How’s your experience been so far? We’d like to know, share your story down below.