February 14, 2020

Apps we can all learn from, teachers and students alike!

A colleague of mine once emphasised that effective teaching is a two-way process – your students learn and you should learn something new, too! That’s right! From observations and interaction with your learners, you will gain new insights and test your own ideas. I remember teaching my second-grade pupils about HTML and colour codes. One got creative and instead of encoding a six-digit hexadecimal color code for the web page’s background, she typed in her name. And guess what, it worked! I never knew you could do that, and it made them excited about being a web programmer someday.

These elearning apps are remarkable – both teachers and students will learn from these educational technology tools. Check them out, one or more of them might be an addition to your current teacher tools.

*Book Creator for iPad. Ever had new discoveries, lingering thoughts or proven methods in elearning, internet safety or other teacher tools? Or perhaps engrossed in a new hobby unrelated to education that you wanted to share? Then Book Creator is perfect for you. With this iPad app, you can design your own book in a simple and friendly platform. Books too big as a personal project? You can also utilise this app for your lessons and send them to your students and their parents as well.

*Wakelet. In the age of elearning where students spend most of their time online – scrolling, tapping and swiping, the Wakelet app surely fits. Wakelet is a digital curation platform where the students can bookmark, organize, share and collaborate content they found useful on the internet. This edtech tool is a modern way to build a portfolio or tell stories.

*Minecraft – Education Edition. Yeap, you read it right. Minecraft has now an education edition. This was developed specifically for classroom use, an elearning tool where students immerse in a digital environment to gain, share and receive lessons. This game-based educational tool is engaging and have infinite potential.

*Canva. Feeling creative or want your learners to receive and share their ideas in a colourful way? Try Canva. With its user-friendly design, anyone can create logos, banners and posters in minutes. It’s educational technology and art combined. Even those who are not graphically inclined can produce beautiful images by using readily available images, font or templates.

*Twitter. I know, it’s social media. But used in the right way, Twitter can be an elearning tool where you can get real time updates. But make sure you remind your students of internet safety tips first and ask them to seek your guidance when they’re confused. Breakthroughs, discoveries and findings by famous companies like National Geographic, NASA, SpaceX, Google, Amazon and lots more are all on Twitter – posting updates real time.