August 3, 2019

How awesome is Google from a 10-year-old’s perspective?

I recently had a conversation with David, a ten year old from a school in Brooklyn.
He spoke of remembering around the time he was in 1st grade and asking his dad why there were no dinosaurs in the Zoo? His Dad told him about the Theory of Extinction that happened almost 80 million years ago. Sure, he’d seen this a few times on TV but it still struck him as complicated. He didn’t quite understand where the asteroid came from, how it was made and why it blasted the Earth?

Mr. Flairwood, his science teacher explained the Theory of Evolution and remarked about other dino species still left floating around that managed to evolve over time. He remembers scanning his science book to checkout these other species but found no specific detail. This had become something he promised himself to discover.

Fast forward to present, David receives a gift from his parents for his 10th birthday – an Ipad, and to his surprise, it was already pre-downloaded with games which where mostly educational in nature. He went on to say he knew his parents must’ve tested it and set some restrictions but could anything be more awesome than getting a gadget like this? He was so excited and felt very lucky at the same time.

David then explained “Google” was then introduced to me and Dad said it knows everything! True enough he said. It seemed like I was browsing a book that never runs out of information. The more I ask, the more answers were provided in a blink of an eye. I could hardly believe when I recently found out that birds such as an Ostrich came from dino origins. That was the answer I was looking for and I found it!

The iPad for David has practically become a daily companion. He explained how useful it was! It helped him learn more compelling information about animals, his favorite cartoon shows, superhero movies, research awesome bike pictures, the latest ps4 games and much much more. It also helped him so much to research for school assignments and it helps boosts his creativity whenever he’s doing projects. “I could just simply type whatever I have in mind and I get an answer straight away and super fast, he said

A Google search is unlimited. The information we can access is infinite. And that’s coming from a 40 something year old. Imagine what must go through David and his friends minds. Never in history has learning been so exciting.