August 31, 2019

Benefits of Introducing Technology to Your Child

I consider myself so lucky to be a part of this generation. I am now living and breathing in the future that I pondered about when I was only a small child and it’s almost unbelievable.

Kids these days won’t probably understand what its like to watch on a Black & White television, play on an actual Brick Game unit or experience using a beeper. I remember being all too giddy in the advent of these old school technologies, thinking that we are finally out of the Flintstone age!

I never realized that everything would evolve so fast that it seemed like a blur. Gadgets such as touch-screen smartphones are just way beyond my expectations. I thought they where only seen in Back To The Future but now it’s finally here. Now I am starting to wonder how technology will further be developed 20 years to this day. It may already allow people to time-travel or slip in another dimension – which is always fun to anticipate. Afterall, anything is possible!

Some of the most interesting talks these days cover the topic about whether it is necessary to introduce technology to your kids or not just yet.

Well, technology is certainly not going anywhere so as a parent, I am always here to support the trend while making sure that proper guidance is given to my kids. Restriction to anything explicit is absolutely important and a no-tech-moment is always observed in each day for a face to face engagement and quality time with the family.

Why do kids need to keep up with child-friendly technology? I listed several benefits below.

1. Technology is certainly an avenue for learning and development. There are a lot of educational applications that can surely help children nurture their skills. As they say, kids are like sponge so let them absorb all this powerful information while they are young.

2. It can improve children’s language skills. There are modern applications that can help you teach kids about words and language. Who knows? Your kid could become a mental lexicon and become a prominent writer or novelist one day.

3. It enhances the ability to do visual analysis. This is a special skill that a child can develop at an early stage.

4. It helps develop social skills. Children are always encouraged to enjoy collaboration and with the aid of technology especially in school, sharing of ideas are likely to happen between groups and classmates.

5. Although I mentioned above that no-tech-zone in the family is always valued, technology can be used to cultivate problem solving skills, allowing your kids finish quests through the use of challenging applications and puzzles.

6. It could help children develop new skills and maximize many potentials like learning how to sing or play a virtual piano.

7. There are multi-media platforms that allows children to explore other places & dimensions. Be it underwater or outer-space. There is an unlimited possibility to widen their horizon in the comfort of your home.

8. It could bring your children joy. Simple as that.

9. It promotes readiness especially in honing their mathematical skills.

10. They will thank YOU for this. Not every child gets the opportunity of technological exposure. They are the New Generation that will help build this planet to be a better place.