July 7, 2019

Best Applications For Moms-To-Be

There are a lot of great things to expect when you are expecting, especially when you are about to become a mother for the first time. That jolt of surprise when that bundle of joy kicks-in feels like out this world. It’s as if bearing a child gives a whole new meaning to everything.

It’s also very exciting to quickly share that in this age, there are a lot of applications perfectly made for mothers-to-be. During my pregnancy, I can absolutely say that my digital devices (smartphone and a tablet) have been a perfect companion when I’m home alone and it only made my whole experience more meaningful.

Here are some of the most useful pregnancy applications that I have used. You may note that these can also be found on top listings online:

1. 50,000 Baby Names application. This is an uncluttered application as what the review sites say and it’s true. It helped me a lot in picking up for my baby’s second name. It is not just a free application but it also define a baby’s name, what it means and represents.

2. Baby Pool is also a very cool application as it engages all your peers on fun guessing games related to your baby’s gender, date and time of birth, etc. One awesome functionality of this application is its ability to grant prizes for correct guesses.

3. I have also tried Babybump Pregnancy Pro where it allows a mom-to-be to apply a “kick counter” on how many times your little angel throw in some ninja moves inside your belly.

4. Full Term is also a free application that tracks your labor hours from contraction to the actual child birth in just one click. It’s a very simple application and I thank the concerned individual who made this possible.

5. Pregnancy Assistant gives you an idea on what your baby looks like in a given time. It gives good description and explanations on baby’s development as well.

6. Lastly, I have used Prenatal Pilates as it allows you to customize your workouts as a pregnant woman. It’s a great application and it’s also for free.

Enjoy being pregnant!