February 15, 2019

Best Interactive Apps for Toddler

According to gizmag.com, the best IOS apps for toddlers are the following; Sound Touch, Pianoball, Peekaboo Barn and Drawing Pad. These applications are so interactive that it allows toddlers to explore, enjoy and learn on their own. As a parent of one curious child, I make it a point to read reviews, check and test every app myself to ensure that it’s safe and easy to navigate using a device such as an ipad or a smartphone. Needless to say but surprisingly, most kids are even better in advancing further into a game than any grown-ups can.

I also found a website called commonsensemedia.org and it’s helpful in getting age-appropriate suggestions covering a wide array of selection, depending on your child’s interest. To state a few, this is my reference when looking for; best movies for kids, best games for kids, best apps for kids, best websites for kids, best TV for kids, best books for kids, best music for kids, best for character development for kids and best learning for kids.

Since we are talking about the best interactive apps, the site I mention above is so user-friendly that it doesn’t only indicate age-appropriation but also a short description about the app, 1 – 5 star rating and the devices it supports. Interactive applications are mostly letting toddlers to watch, play, listen and read, nourishing them to develop their aptitude and widen their horizon.

Baby’s Musical Hands improves a child’s ability to distinguish and touch. It’s for 2-year-old above. Bubl Ice Cream is visually entertaining. Busy Shapes is a learning app that encourages shape analysis to kids. Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestraallows kids to create musical instruments using different objects. Eli Explorer teaches about vocabulary which is really helpful when you are developing your child’s language. My Very Hungry Caterpillar inspires and teaches kids values. Nighty Night HD is a simple but a very interesting app that allows your kid turn off the light before bedtime. Peekaboo Barn teaches barnyard animal names.

The list will go on and on. Let’s all get involved in our kids’ journey through these technological touch-points. I believe that whatever they are exposed now will have an enormous impact in their development in terms of cognitive, behavioral and physical.

Nurture them well with the help of interactive applications.