July 12, 2019

Best Internet Forum For Parents

Samantha, 32, California. As a parent, I must have some avenues to bank on ’cause I believe that no one could understand a mother better than just another mother. Sure, your husband might do in some aspects but I am talking about being a mom in general.

I’d throw in a banquet if your husband can understand the feeling of PMS or how it was like to be pregnant. I mean, men and women’s brain at times could even function differently when it comes to the views of the universe.

And oh, can I just mention that Dysmenorrhea is tantamount to a curse?

Although dads have that certain cognitive empathy matched with the most consoling articulation, they don’t transform into something unfathomable when hormonal shift takes place and thank goodness for that.

As parents in this generation, I say that we need a sounding board. Not just a best friend or an “inner circle” of friends that we can rely on but some sort of a portal, a digital community where it can be used as a medium to exchange thoughts and ideas or opinions. A realm where you can be in your most basic self. It is also a great place to learn something new.

To be honest, I’ve been in and out of different forums to get unsolicited advise about natural parenting, joined due date clubs, forums about breastfeeding, diapering, baby’s health, potty learning, vaccination, safety, child birth archives and even trading posts where I sold some of my baby stuff that I never used.

It’s fun and an exciting way to meet new friends as well.

If I stirred your interest, some of the top forum boards are detailed below and feel free to visit them in your most convenient time:

1. Mothering.com– This is where all the parenthood fun happens. There are thousands of topics that you can choose from.

2. Sybermoms.com offers a lot of topics whether lifestyle or support categories. It’s an awesome board for parents especially moms.

3. Justmommies.com is my personal favorite. I couldn’t elaborate more on this. I felt like the site was made for me. It’s pink and everything is here. It’s like a the most complete parenthood manual in the internet, only that it’s made of exchanges from parents who are already an expert in raising children, amateur ones, doctors, cook (oh you can also get amazing recipes here) and etc.

4. Naturalparenting.com.au is also one of my top picks. The discussions here are wide ranging and informative.

So what social circle are you in? Expand your knowledge by joining forums. I think this is something more essential than just looking for answers via search engines.

Get real answers from real people with experience.