March 11, 2020

Can eLearning Apps Make Mathematics Easier?

“Mum, I don’t get it. Why do my classmates hate math? It’s fun!”, inquires my youngest brother. Unlike me, he easily grasps mathematical concepts and finds it uncomplicated. But for most students, mathematics is a challenging subject.

What makes this subject so tough? Math is a cumulative discipline where you have to fully understand one area before going to the next one. It is also abstract in nature and being emotional or anxious during a mathematics test would amplify its difficulty. Some concepts are introduced when students’ certain logical and abstract reasoning are not developed as well, making the timing inappropriate. And let’s not forget that the subject has been stigmatised, thus creating a sort of phobia around it.

All of these can be addressed by elearning apps and edtech tools. By gamifying the subject and making interactive videos or interface, learners will appreciate math more. Software companies of mathematics elearning app have been focusing their efforts on how students appreciate this subject by making colourful interface, simulating real world application and including mini games. However, students, teachers and parents must keep in mind that balance is the key. Don’t leave the students alone and depend on the elearning media too much. As growing kids, they need your presence and guidance. Be with them even in their digital lives.