May 14, 2020

Can Reddit Actually Help Students Learn? | 1 min read

You must have heard about Reddit – dubbed the “front page of the internet”.  It’s now the sixth most famous website in the US, an open community where anyone can discuss anything. Focused communities called subreddits talk about everything under the sun – sports, arts, education, work, relationship and even explicit topics. 

Like any other platform, Reddit isn’t inherently good or bad. Any user can create a new subreddit as long as it follows the site’s guidelines. Reddit has even taken steps to eliminate inappropriate topics. 

I myself tried to search for subreddits related to learning and was surprised to see focus groups debating and discussing programming languages, mathematics, sciences, how to instructions and even teaching resources. There’s even a subreddit dedicated for professors.

Because of the platform’s anonymity feature, users felt more freedom in asking and answering questions – producing more relatable and realistic conversations. It can be a home to intelligent and thoughtful exchange of ideas and concepts.

We can’t prevent our learners from discovering these communities but we can equip them with the knowledge required to use them responsibly. Reminding and encouraging them to maximise the use of such technology is one of our responsibilities; especially during this time when eLearning has become the new norm.