July 26, 2019

Encouraging Creativity by Integrating Technology in Art for Kids | 2 mins read

It’s exhilarating how the current technology take part in many different aspects of our lives especially to our children.  It has become an important tool in education in fostering creativity and critical thinking. Technology and art combined is probably the most innovative combo that ever happened around as far as improving craft is concerned.

This is what other’s call futuristic engineering or digital revolution. True enough!

As everyone knows, Art has many forms. It’s not only about drawings which got me fooled for a long while when I was little, but it could also be Music, Dance, Drama, Play, etc. If this kind of technology existed in my hay days, life could have been more magical.

Fast forward to present, I personally love The Art Curator online because of its informative and artsy content. In an aim to encourage creativity, kids must first become interested in Art and engagement shall follow.

My child started showing interest in art when she was only 3 years old and the online piano app is responsible for this. Now that she’s 9, Canon In D has never sounded more hauntingly beautiful. The outcome of Technology on Art has been well defined as it evolved over a period of time.

Funny that it now caters to kids most especially and some little ones have even become more literate than the grown ups.

Kids these days when exposed to online technology and art are genius!