March 6, 2020

Empowering the Change Makers of the Future Requires More Than Better Test Results | 1 min read

Reviewing the Bloom’s Taxonomy 2001 version, “create” is at the top of the six levels of cognitive learning followed by evaluate, analyse, apply, understand and remember. “Create”, or synthesise in the old version, measures the student’s ability to put elements together and form a new functional whole.

As a teacher, crafting exam questions under the “create” category has always been a challenge. Obviously, test questions like multiple choice, true or false or enumeration will not be able to assess whether the student has come up with a new idea or formulated a new concept or not. Generating new ideas requires more than perfect test scores and high rankings. Both traditional and elearning setup should be conducive enough to encourage students to be future innovators.

Empowering students and emphasising that they are our future leaders and innovators will help encourage them to think forward. Making each and every learner realise that they have a purpose-driven life and responsible for their own future will equip them with necessary skills. To do this, you have to let them do their own work, occasionally let them fail and be disappointed and present them problems which require new solutions.  As Dr. Jose Rizal quotes, “The youth is the hope of our future.”