May 10, 2021

Esports in Schools – Is this A Good Thing? | 1 min read

Esports is simply a form of competition using video games and it has now captured the attention of schools. Competitive gaming has now become a billion-dollar business and is projected to grow and expand.

Esports promotes social distancing, collaboration and a healthy competitive learning environment for students. Schools have already adopted esports by organizing esports clubs, offering it as an extracurricular activity and coaching esports athletes.

Why is it gaining traction even from the academe? Here are some of the advantages of esports:

1. Students use esports to cope with stress just like how adults do it.

2. Students learn how to deal with stressors that are out of their control.

3. Students learn social skills, strategic planning, time management and how to deal with success and failure.

4. Students have more career path and opportunities.

5. Students who are members of esports clubs engage more with the school community.

Though esports reach is continuously expanding but we must make sure that there’s a foundation. Esports is not inherently good or bad but students must be guided accordingly if this is a career that they choose to pursue.    Has your school already considered this option and learning opportunity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below