October 12, 2019

Conquer Your Family’s Fitness: 3 ways to utilize technology in your quest for a fit and physically strong family.

According to Fitness.Gov, only one in three children are physically active every day and less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day; only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. These facts seam quite gloomy for your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

It is understandable that we might excuse ourselves from pursuing a healthier and leaner lifestyle. Our family lives are getting busier and busier and we do not even have time to get 8 hours of sleep. So how do we get our children to set a trend early and start the rest of their lives living fit and happy?

There is evidence technology is causing health issues in our young. Obesity and anorexia are now major concerns throughout the world. Young people playing mind-numbing games with no breaks or physical activity making weight gain an issue and the loss of weight by young girls trying to stay true to their internet idols by not eating.

With the plethora of apps and technology that are available in the market the question is how can we use technology to counter where technology may be causing the problem? It’s easy to use the iPad as the child pacifier but this may send the wrong message. So let’s use technology to encourage children to get more active.

How easy is it to get them to develop habits of maintaining a reasonable fitness level? Here’s three easy ways to utilize technology in your family’s quest for fitness.

1. It helps to let us know the effects of “Activities” and “Workouts” on our bodies

Let’s take the Apple watch for example. Upon examining it, it has built in fitness apps called “Activity” and “Workout”. When you use the app “Activity”, it shows a dynamic representation of the steps you take by utilizing a built-in accelerometer. It also dictates “inactivity” like how much time you’ve spent sitting down or being in a stationary position for long. It also counts how many calories you’ve burned doing “activities”. Another built in app is the one called “Workout”. This traces specific exercises such as running/ walking/ cycling/ rowing. It shows how far you’ve done and how many calories you have burned. It also shows the pace you are taking and the average heart rate.

2. Encourage your children to listen to music and dance, run or ride. Music is a natural motivator to stay fit.

Listening to Music whether from your phone or iPod is maybe one of the most frequent means to enhancing your workout. Listening to your favorite artist while working out can enable you to focus, break monotony and sometimes, it also helps to pass time. Your children can still use their phone or iPod to be up to date on what is going on in the world and while keeping with their fitness regime.

3. Set up training achievement levels for your children and measure things like heart rate.

With the tip of your thumb, your heart rate can be measured instantaneously. With the advances in technology, the optical heart rate monitor is one of the main selling points of some fitness apps and gadgets. It is especially seen helpful during intense workouts. It makes keeping fit more informative and educational also it makes it more fun.

With these top 3 useful ways, it is obvious that fitness and technology can go hand in hand.