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Better, stronger and closer relationship with your children while keeping them safe with the

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Visible internet is an Artificial Intelligence driven platform providing educators and parents complete visibility of the screen on any child’s device. The Ai notifies educators and parents if a child’s internet behavior is flagged requiring immediate attention or review.

The Problem

Smartphones have become necessary evil for children demanding continuous parental monitoring and guidance.
Parents are struggling to curb the over consumption of the internet due to the ubiquity of smartphones given 84% of teens have their own phones.

... children aged 8–10 are averaging screen-time of 6 hours per day, and at ages 11–14, this increases to nearly 9 hours a day.

Visible Internet offers Ai driven child device screen monitoring and control solutions both for schools and parents.
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Internet Usage Analysis & Alerts

Visible internet’s cutting edge Ai tool analyses children’s internet activity & screen-images, providing educators and parents alerts for inappropriate content, bullying, self-harm and self harm.
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Complete Visibility of the Child’s Device

VI provides educators and parents complete visibility of children’s device screens regardless of internet connection by capturing screenshots at regular intervals.
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Group Monitoring

VI can be simultaneously deployed into multiple children’s devices, thus, providing educators visibility into devices of entire class and parents viability into family devices.
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Device Management

Visible Internet enables educators and parents to lock down internet on children’s devices thus helping them manage child internet usage schedule.
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Watch How it Works

Why Now?

90% of students are affected by COVID-19 disrupting their regular school schedule.
Children have reported at least 50% increase in their screen time during COVID-19 lockdown.

Product Review

  • Teachers & Parents can view screenshots of children’s devices tagged under various categories including inappropriate, social media, bullying, and self-harm.
  • Track children’s live location.
  • Send messages to alert children.
  • View internet usage history and analytical insights.

Visible Internet is Popular with Parents

When using cutting edge technology, that involves your device and your children’s devices, we felt a Parenting with Technology Masterclass would be the best way to guide parents on how to setup and use the Visible Internet technology.

Think About it Like This...

The Parenting with Technology Masterclass is made up of 5 modules. Each module comes with videos, guides and tutorials to make Visible Internet’s integration into your family a smooth transition.
  • Module 1
    • Explainer Video
    • Intro
    • Video 1
    • Video 2
    • Video 3
    • Video 4
    • Video 5
    • Video 6
    • Video 7
  • Module 2
    • Intro
    • Demo
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Guidance
Module One

Setting up the Family Application Module One is made up of 7 videos explaining each step needed to setup the family application. Please watch the Explainer Video first.

Or if you'd rather read about it, please click this link to view the PDF version.

Module Two
Time Scheduling and Controls

One of the great features of Visible Internet is time scheduling. When using time scheduling you can choose times your children can use all those apps on their phones or tablets. It really makes Visible Internet the best platform for all families.
Learn how to maximize the time scheduling feature of the Visible Internet Parent app.

Or if you'd rather read about it, please click this link to view the PDF version.

Module Three
Introduction and Demonstrating the Power of Capturing a Screen Impression

To capture screen impressions straight off from your child's device, make sure that the Visible internet Parent app is installed on your device and the Visible internet Child app is installed on your child's device. The real-time screen impression works only if the child is online. You can automate screen impression capture via the Timer.
Learn what a Screen Impression is and how to use them to have a deeper connection with your children.

Or if you'd rather read about it, please click this link to view the PDF version.

Module Four
Parenting AI Assistant

The image detection Artificial Intelligence built into the Visible Internet Parenting app automatically detects and flag content and alerts the parent if their child is viewing age inappropriate, bullying, self-harm or social media content.
Find out how the Personal AI Assistant will help you in guiding, mentoring and directing your kids in using the internet in a productive way.

Or if you'd rather read about it, please click this link to view the PDF version.

Module Five
Interactive Messaging Feature

Visible Internet Parent app offers a super great feature in communicating with your kids via customized messages using text, emojis, stickers and frames.
Learn how to use the Visible Internet Parent's App interactive messaging feature to communicate with your kids in a fun and engaging way!

Or if you'd rather read about it, please click this link to view the PDF version.

Watch video below or read the documentation instead.

Digital Guidance Program

For Kids ( 5 - 10 yo )

In this guidance program, students will learn more about cyberbullying, authentic internet content, what’s okay to share online and some basic information about artificial intelligence.

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Digital Guidance Program

For Teens ( 11 - 17 yo )

In this guidance program, students will learn more about digital identity, finding credible content online, balanced media consumption and introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

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