Frequently Asked Questions

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Of course. Our relationship with you requires trust. That’s why we have designed Visible Internet using advanced encryption and firewall technology. Visible Internet was designed with security and privacy first. To ensure your security, we use Amazon cloud server and we employ SSL (secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect you and your family’s information from unauthorised access. Your trust means everything to us. We promise we’ll always work as hard as we can to earn and keep it.
No, but if you have any problems please send a message to and we’ll get straight back to you!
Unlimited! Connect all your family’s devices and all their friends. When a new member arrives on the scene, connect their devices also.
Works on iOS ( iPhones, iPads & iPods ), Android ( Samsung, Smartphones & Tablets ), Windows ( PC & Laptop ). OS 10 ( Apple iMac, Mac Pro, Air, etc ).
All internet connections. 3G, 4G. 5G, Wi-Fi, Optic, ADSL, cable.
Yes! Your children can be anywhere on any internet connection, you can be anywhere on any internet connection.
Absolutely! We are constantly improving speed and performance. We are striving to keep adding value by building useful features. We are focused on improving the Visible Internet software and diversified our development to include hardware very soon!
No. If you decide it's not for you, simply opt out.