February 8, 2019

Free Online Courses for Kids

There are hundreds of self-paced free interactive courses for kids these days.  I have recently learned about e-learningforkids.org and it is awesome. It is where I can get free online lessons for my child about Math, Science, Environmental Skills, Computer, Health, Language Arts and Life Skills.

Aside from the one I mentioned above, I’d also like to share that I recently discovered OpenCulture website where there are thousands of simplified educational recourses available for kids; audio books, movies and e-books. As their mission go, they bring together high-quality media for worldwide learning community and it’s all for FREE and enriching.

I-school-at-home is an awesome website that gives enough option if you are looking for free online courses for children.  MIT Open Courseware is suitable for homeschooled children. E-learning for kids offers a lot of engaging and educational games from ages 3 to 12. There are websites that also offers Free Piano Lessons if you are planning to drive your children in the direction where their aptitude is telling you to steer them into. Chess for kids is also perfect for children with tactical propensities. Kids Astronomy is suitable for children who are really into science and celestial bodies. Petra Lingua is not entirely FREE, but it offers a good selection of language courses.

There are a lot of selections out there and I’ve always been excited to give the most memorable experience to my child with just an IOS or Android device on hand. This is one of the many benefits I can get from our current technology; I can make things happen in an instant.

I never disregard learning opportunities for my little one as it is a top priority. Other media sites, though popular in nature, are not really safe. Ads, commercials and pop-ups can be very distracting while it offers a limited access and charges. To my advantage, I don’t have to face the hurdle of a traditional school that provides less alternative and high tuition fee.

Learning can be more fun in a comfortable environment.