August 12, 2020

Have you tried the Design Thinking Method?

According to, the world’s leading brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung and GE have adopted the Design Thinking approach. This method includes five steps to come up with meaningful ideas that offer solutions to a specific group of people.

Teachers around the world are looking for innovative ways to introduce in their classroom and Design Thinking is one of them. This approach is used by industrial designers to solve the problems of their clients and satisfy their needs. If applied to education, this could greatly help in identifying the individual needs of the learners.

Five Steps in Design Thinking

  1. Empathize. In this step, the needs of the students can be revealed through interviews, We empathize with their situation and find out what they really care about.
  2. Define. Define their needs, problems and concerns.
  3. Ideate. Come up with innovative ideas that will help solve their problems. You can show your proposed solution to them for their feedback as well.
  4. Prototype. Come up with a final solution and start creating it.
  5. Test. It’s now time to test the solution.

If your test failed, you can go back to Step 3 and repeat. You can do as many iterations as possible to achieve the optimal result.

Are you now seeing the possibility of incorporating Design Thinking in your classroom? Or perhaps in your eLearning platforms? What about creating an innovative way to help them stay engaged? Or increase attendance and decrease absenteeism? Or even make Math easier and simpler for them to grasp? Share your experience or suggestion with us in the comment box below.