September 13, 2019

Home Schooling Your Children with Technology | 2 mins read

There are two separate discussions under this topic. One is homeschooling your kid with “Technology” as part of their curriculum and the other is homeschooling with the aid of “Technology”.

I will be putting more emphasis on the latter as it helps a lot in bringing intellectual faculty to our kids especially if they are conveniently home-schooled.

The way someone digest all lessons may be radically different once teaching is done inside your home, however, I have learned that you can still enrich your child’s learning experience through technology by;

1. Choosing the right syllabus that is customized according to your child’s need. This is important as it will define the body of knowledge that your kid will embrace.

2. Buying a device that will be used extensively for education; could be a laptop or a tablet. This will get your kid enthusiastic aside from using the classic pen and paper.

3. Downloading the most useful applications needed for learning and development. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) application, Merriam Webster, E-book applications and the like.

4. Giving them the freedom to take control of their learning experience. Instill responsible freedom.

I am quite amazed that parents in this generation are very much open to the thought of homeschooling with technology as partner. Regardless of the platform, educational applications are distinctly designed to cater on every student. Technology is indeed a great asset and one can do so much with just a connection to the web, anytime, anywhere.

As a parent, I am always getting the best of technology’s advantage to my kid who is also home-schooled. I can see great results slowly realizing as far as learning is concerned. On top of this, I also ensure that the difference between good and bad technology is elucidated. Pitfalls are easy to avoid then you are educated about it.