August 30, 2020

How do You Know if Your Students are Learning?

From quizzes to summative assessments, teachers have different ways to measure their students’ learning. We’re so used to traditional setup where we answer tests at the end of the course or term and the teachers will check and count how many items the students got correct. But have you tried this simple assessment activities you can incorporate in your classroom in a daily basis? Assessment doesn’t need to be boring and paper-based only. Educators can still evaluate their learners’ progress through these simple strategies.

*Journal. At the end of the day, ask your students to write or even type, using their devices, what they have learned. Ask them to reflect on what they found challenging and/or interesting in your lesson.

*Misconception. At the end of the lesson, you can present them a concept about your topic and ask them if they agree or disagree and have them briefly explain why. This will help clarify misconceptions and engage them in the discussion.

*Analogy. When used correctly, analogies can be powerful. Give one example and have your students come up with their own. E.g. Complimentary colors work so well, it’s like eating a sweet dessert after a savory meal.

*Peer instruction. Another creative way to assess their learning is have them pair up with their classmate and teach each other the concepts they learned. If they can clearly and simply explain what they learned to one another, then they understood the concept you just taught.

*Hand signals. You can also ask your learners to show how much they understand the lesson by showing five fingers for maximum understanding and one finger for minimal understanding. This engages the whole class and gives you an overview of how much they learned.

Have you tried any of the above? Please share your experience with us through the comment box below.