May 19, 2020

How Stoicism Principles Can Help Us Cope During This Pandemic | 1 min read

Stoics always remind themselves of the things that are under their control and the things that aren’t. They always think that they cannot directly control whatever may happen in their lives but they can control their thoughts and actions. In relation to the pandemic, we cannot control the virus but have all the liberty over our opinion, thoughts and fears about it. It’s not the virus that we’re afraid, it’s our opinion about it that makes us cower.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, a Stoic Philosopher, often asks himself, “What virtue has nature given me to deal with this situation?” Stoics focus more on their strengths such as wisdom, patience and discipline to cope up with the difficult situations.   

Their famous slogan emphasises that fear alone can do us more harm than the actual things we’re scared of. So we must control our thoughts and don’t imagine things that are not yet even happening. Too much analysis can lead to paralysis.

Everything comes to an end, nothing is permanent. Let’s be more patient and believe that this too, shall pass.