May 12, 2020

Is Online Learning Only for the Rich? | 1 min read

Students from a poor background have a tougher time during school lockdowns. Since most were unprepared when the coronavirus hit the globe, schools have struggled to implement an eLearning system as part of their contingency plan. However, it’s been more difficult for the less fortunate students.

Here are some of the problems these students have to deal with on a daily basis.

Poor WiFi connection. More likely, these learners live where internet connection is not yet stable or Fiber optics is not yet the norm. If the teacher uses Zoom for video conferencing or the online exam has a time limit, slow internet has a huge impact on their performance. 

Lack of gadgets. Imagine a house where there are 3-4 kids, 1 laptop and all of them has to use it to complete their school requirements. Not everyone has the luxury to own a device for their own usage.

Non-conducive environment. A huge family cramped in a little space along with their wardrobe, appliances and furniture would be a challenge to focus and concentrate on one’s studies. More often than not, these students rely on their school’s library to finish their homework or projects; but they don’t have that option right now.

Schools and concerned government departments are working hard to provide education for all amidst the pandemic. We must stay focused on learning for all students as it is essential to our progression as a society. 

Stay safe!