August 10, 2019

How freakishly amazing kids find amazing stuff through technology? | 2 mins read

As many of us contend, present technology is now playing a very important role in the lives of our children. We have reached the age where the young ones have made impressive knowledge advances in technology; multimedia platforms and devices no matter how sophisticated they may seem. In turn, the social context of technology is helping a lot in enhancing personal development, self-expression, decision-making, social interaction, experimentation, collaboration and creativity.

Sarah, my 6-year old daughter controls an Ipad by herself like a pro, far better than any grown-ups can and it’s almost making my jaw drop. Of course, I had to set appropriate measures, restrictions and supervised user accounts for security. As a parent, I feel responsible for my child’s learning experience and with the current technology becoming a pivotal part of our daily lives, benefits can only be realized when it is used in an appropriate manner.

Kids these days are amazing and I am so thankful for the numerous applications designed and developmentally fitting for the little ones. Simple point and click user-friendly websites that can be navigated even by a pre-schooler!

“Mom can you read me a bedtime story, please?” Sarah pleaded one night, but as I paged desultorily through the story book in the stand, she handed me her Ipad instead with ready. It’s an illustrated children’s book online. I was left in awe.

My daughter also found out about which allows her to play games for free, which is an interactive site, fun, colorful and educational where one can ask Dr. Seuss about anything, play or check the Cat in the Hat’s tour schedule, Little Explorers which is an exciting and stimulating picture dictionary and her latest indulgence, Science Kids.

Children are now definitely “growing digital” and although we understand the full educational potential of the present technology to our kids, this can only be achieved through active supervision and constant vigilance of parents. In our house, face-to-face interaction is always valued so as not to lose the family connection and next to it is technology – smart TV, gadget and the internet are must haves. I, myself cannot live a day without checking social media and watching Netflix.

How are your kids doing so far?