September 20, 2019

The last frontier: Kids born in this time will never experience the world without INTERNET

It’s unbelievable to think that Millennials never experienced “Stone Age” and anyone born in this time will never get to understand pre-digital world or how we managed to live without the internet.

It wasn’t that bad though it might have been cooler if there were digital advancements back then. As a parent in this age, I had to grip tightly on the demands of the new technology to keep my pace. I know how the internet is capable of doing to make one’s life convenient.  Just imagine how people would marvel on Facebook, Instagram, Online Banking and Ebay had they existed in the past. Things would have been different but the memories and experiences from our generation shaped me the way I am today. As a matter of fact, I miss being a kid in the 80’s where life was simple and did not revolve around digital devices.

The internet alone is a catalyst of change; it was once available only for the purpose of research using desktop and laptop computers, until the dawn of WiFi and smartphones came. It then made our communication with another person real-time no matter how far he is through chat or Facetime, finding our destination when traveling is made easy without the use of physical maps, it enables us to shop while lounging at home or book a cab driver anytime. Little kids these days are enjoying the privilege of the internet through different applications made for them.

Being a parent in this digital age is a tough call. I drive my children off to school on a daily basis and I can’t help but mule over what the future generation is like by just looking at my kids glued to their respective phones, updating Social Media accounts, watching YouTube or catching Pokemons. Yeah, virtual reality just became the new trend and even the grown-ups are hooked up with it.

To be honest, there are times that I still find myself in the “middle”. As a parent, I had to know everything about the new technology to keep up with my kids as they are very good at it, especially with technical specs and jargon which seemed to be intuitive to them. I never taught them anything about this yet they knew! On the flip side, I needed to educate my parents to keep them on board. Good thing that they’ve already learned how to use an iPhone lately.

But being in the “middle” is challenging as far as parenting is concerned because I know how it is like to live in a world where there is no internet and my childhood was still awesome. My role models came from an era of low tech as well. I am not saying that the technology of today is a bad thing but I can clearly see how it influences my children’s lives and I am certain that their childhood, adolescence and the rest of their growing-up years will be different from mine.

The digital age has swept the world by storm but as parents, we have the last say on how we want our children to be. Just to mention a few; I set limits when it comes to internet usage and let them have moments to just be kids. I let them play in the rain and camp outside our house.

We may be the first generation of parents to live in a high-tech world but the responsibility of molding our kids the right way still lies in our hands.