October 26, 2019

How Mobile Technology is Shaping the New Generation?

Mark – Colorado USA. A few years ago, desktop computers weren’t even linked to the internet and cellphones didn’t have any intuitive interface and yet we were all astonished by it. Well, guess what? The future has arrived!

Who can still remember the era of giant cellphones with antennae?  Kids these days will never get to experience how hard it was to conceal but we’ll never know, trends are only rolling back and forth like that in fashion. However, in terms of technology, it’s only becoming more sophisticated.  Wireless technology now offers infinite capabilities. I personally could never last a day without it and judging by its ecological and cultural impact, mobile and internet is now an important part of our lives. I do not just consider mobile tech a trend, but it’s a phenomenon.

That said, innovation and technology is rapidly improving, growing and influencing lives. It is not only bringing the sense of what it’s called “future” in our collective consciousness but it keeps all of us connected to the world. It is shaping the new generation by making our lives convenient by communicating with our loved ones faster and by sharing data real-time.

Current mobile technology has also opened a lot of opportunities to business-minded people and available information to students which is much more expedient than going to the public library and renting-out books. In the aspect of commerce, mobile technology also ascertained an immense advantage in delivering efficient transactions. Isn’t it amazing that you can now do shopping using your phone?

Just when you thought it’s over, it gets even better.

I thank the technology geniuses who made all of these possible, from the experimental phase when phones had almost become micro-chip in size, until it came back to something relatively handy and seamless with a slick touch-screen function. It’s also amazing how technology can be a problem-solver in so many ways; if you lose your sense of direction, there’s GPS. If you are a “value-maximizer”, you can now easily integrate a CRM platform to your phone for your business. Of course, let’s not forget the fact that we do enjoy the primary benefit which offers us an all-around-access to anything and it only requires a good connection.

In the process of continuous technological advancement, it kept on changing people’s mindset and expectations which is not a bad thing but it’s also important to make sure that technology doesn’t rule us at the end of the day.