February 27, 2020

Online Collaboration Will be More Successful When it is Valued | 2 mins read

Collaborative work on elearning platforms or collaborative elearning, like other teaching and learning methods and strategies, is best practiced when both teachers and students understand its value. Here are some reasons to help you appreciate collaborative elearning more.

Collaborative elearning encourages equality. Since students can’t see each other physically and therefore cannot compare their status, they feel more assured behind their screens and feel that they are all even, except of course in their level of understanding and comprehension. They can express their ideas and beliefs more freely and confidently.

Since online discussions involve elearners from different backgrounds and cultural differences, a topic can be seen under a new light, thus widening the perspective of the students. This promotes diversity and respect for others.

Collaborative work through edtech platforms is a mutually beneficial experience to all those involved. In learning management systems like Edmodo and Moodle, even teachers and parents can collaborate in the learning process of their students and children. This introduces an online community where everyone can contribute to the body of knowledge.

These are just some of the many advantages of collaborative elearning. Engagement, positive feedback, active participation, teamwork, communication and mentoring – all of these can be improved through group work in an online learning environment.