Visible Internet

An application for modern parents.

I was motivated to start Visible Internet because I know all too well how even one bad experience online can adversely affect the life of a child. While searching for a children’s nursery rhyme online, my 12 year old niece found a disturbing video that showed a woman resembling her mother being physically abused. While an experience like this is incredibly traumatizing for any child, this was even more difficult for my niece. You see, her mother passed away from cancer when she was a baby. As a mother, she desperately wanted to be there during the important moments in her daughter’s life, so for each milestone - birthdays, holidays, special events - she recorded a video. My niece only ever knew her mother through these videos, pictures, and stories. Seeing this inappropriate content online was devastating for her.

Like any father, my brother was angry, upset, and worried about his daughter. He wanted answers and he wanted a solution to prevent this happening again. I made a promise to my brother. Visible Internet is that promise.

At Visible Internet, we believe that good parenting means collaborating with your children and leveraging modern technology to keep them safe. We hope to facilitate the dialogue between parents and children to combat cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and predatory behavior. Instead of blocking access to content, we aim to break down the wall between a parent and a child that technology can create to ensure that parents remain the guiding influence in their children’s lives.

All children deserve a safe environment - a place where they can learn, be entertained, and grow. The internet can be that place if parents are empowered to be a part of their children’s digital lives and to frame the internet as a transparent family experience.