November 13, 2020

Parents’ Role in Students’ Online Learning | 1min read

Surely, you have heard different stories on how moms and dads are coping with their new role in their kids’ online learning. Aside from the fact that they have day jobs, most parents think that they should play the role of a teacher in the new normal.

But do you think this is helpful to the learners? Or are they confused that they have to follow their teachers and parents when it comes to schoolwork?

Here are some reminders for parents who are struggling to play various roles in the new normal.

We must encourage our kids, but not play the role of the teacher. It is very tempting to interfere with the online lessons of our kids but let us be reminded that there is a teacher guiding them. Instead of acting as the teacher, we could help them start a task but not finish it.

We don’t need to do everything alone. We must remember that we can work hand-in-hand with our kids’ teachers. If we must, we could discuss with them about our kids’ learning needs.

We must avoid expecting too much from our kids. More time spent online does not mean more success in learning. Let us remind ourselves that like us, our kids need time to adjust to this new normal way of learning.

We must keep in mind that school is not the same. Unlike before, students have to complete online and offline activities. It would be beneficial to both parents and kids to create a routine to follow and stick to it.  

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