December 14, 2019

Raising Super Genius Kids In This Millenia

The perception of intelligence isn’t only about acing exams but life. As parents, this is a matter of asking ourselves, how can we help our children achieve this?

In reality, there is no statistical definition or measurement that could identify someone as a genius. Intelligence, as Lawlis would say is 49 percent genetics and 51 percent stimulation. The people who are in the top 2 percent of the population with exceptional ability and creativity are most commonly referred to as the “Gifted” ones.

It is quite a tough call to raise a child in this modern age but as a parent, I hold the power to steer my children in the direction where their aptitude is telling me to steer them. As long as the enthusiasm for learning is present, I seize the opportunity.

Having said that, below are the few best practices that I think you need know:

Speak with your kid

Isn’t it fun to get your children’s ideas on serious questions like “What do you think will happen if the Moon is farther from the Earth?” Don’t hesitate to stimulate your child’s mind into thinking; you’d be surprised that they start figuring the answers their own way. This is a subtle way of sharpening their skills.

Encourage reading sessions

Research suggests that reading is the groundwork for school success. It’s not only allowing the brain to develop more but it gives someone a foundation about the world while enriching their knowledge and skill on comprehension and vocabulary. Good thing that I am a bookworm. It is important that my child has a role model for this. Reading could be contagious.

Pat in the back

If your child is exceeding your expectations, give kudos for the hard work. It feels great to be recognized. I know that we are only talking about kids here, but what difference does it make? We are talking about raising them well and this means celebrating with them in every step of the way.

Arm your children with the right technology

I can honestly say that the future of children born in this day and age will be different and amazing. Let’s face it, the new generation offers us a lot of great advantages! Maximise your child’s training through the use of technology. With guidance, allow your child to play with educational applications that nurtures potential. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is one of the hottest apps that is recommended today.