October 19, 2019

Samsung phone or an iPhone? A few things to remember before you purchase a smart phone for your child.

Most of us are either an Android Samsung or an iOS iPhone user so if your thinking about buying your children a smartphone and choosing between the two most popular devices, here’s a rundown of what to expect between a Samsung smart phone and an Apple iPhone.

The iPhone is famous for its simple interface and slick design. But is an iPhone better than your Android Samsung option?

One of the perks about using an iPhone is it’s incredibly popular. In terms of memory, iPhones integrate well with other Apple products through the use of iCloud and it offers family sharing too!. It comes with basic in built parental controls and kids love talking to Siri the now famous artificial intelligence voice recognition person.

In light of using android, there are way more apps to choose from. You can choose from entertainment, games, lifestyle and access to many well-regulated apps for hours of entertainment. Both iPhone and Samsung have great educational apps but Samsung does have more to choose from.

In terms of software, Apple caught up to Android in many areas with the last of several updates (Hooray!) but compared to its counterpart in the android world, there are still many unchartered parts of the iOS that are easily customizable on Android.

Samsung has many more phones to choose from in comparison to iPhone. And then, we have to consider that an Apple product is more expensive. Apple has always been slick with design but Samsung is catching up. The latest Galaxy S7 has gone all out for slickness and design.

As of the moment, Apple offers more choice than ever before with the release of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE as well as older models. Given this, you still have only a few choices in screen sizes and design.

As we all know, Samsung has hundreds of different models, screen sizes, materials to choose from. With Android smartphones users can choose a waterproof option like the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge just to begin with. There is also support for a huge screen with a built-in stylus with the Note 5.

If it comes down to price Samsung is a better option. They offer a large range of low priced phones. The iPhone SE is the only option if you are looking for lower price point but its still not priced as low as some of the Samsung phones.

Also one other thing to consider is do your own research. Spend time doing a simple google search. Find out what other parents are saying before you buy. So if you decide whether you go for the comfort of an iPhone or the possibilities of a Samsung, at the end of the day, all that really matters is what you and your kids will be using it for.