November 11, 2018

Schools Using Social Media as a Tool

Sam. Colorado, USA — Keeping up in this volatile world is awesome and challenging at the same time. Needless to say, I grew up in the 90s without all these Iphones and gadgetry. Funny as it may seem but I am definitely in an age where sometimes, a smart TV can actually be smarter than its user.

In the past, when you say “Knowledge is Power”, this depicts an outright result of hard work and dedication with all the hardbound books being reviewed cover-to-cover. Now, you can find the answer to anything with just a phone in your hand and a fast internet connection.

In connection to this, I am surprised to know that some schools nowadays are already using Social Media as a tool not just to deliver announcements across and/or for the purpose of getting tons of “likes” but as a learning platform. Yes, you read that right.

Social Media as a learning platform.

I’d like to think that there is something positive that can be taken from this context but more often than not, it bears a lot of risks especially that it could serve as an ultimate gateway to bullying, cyber-crimes, pornography, kidnapping and it can even get worse as you pave your way to the dark web by clicking links. I cannot stop schools from using Social Media as a tool, but just by being aware of its negative impact, I can play my part very well as a parent and become extra-responsible for my children by monitoring their activities.

Visible Internet is my greatest ally in this mission.

This is not just a tool to help me get connected with my family but it is something that makes me feel at ease by knowing my children are safe and they are doing well in search of knowledge. Education, honestly and transparency has always been the core themes in our family and Visible Internet is a perfect tool in driving them in the right direction.

I am not letting the negative impact of social media rule my kids’ young minds when I have the utmost power to guide them.