March 19, 2020

Stay At Home, Learn At Home

“With what’s going on in the world, right now feels like the perfect time to educate more online.”

Agreed. Even before the onset of our generation’s pandemic situation, e-learning has already been on a growth trajectory. Data as far back as 2001 show that 66% of Australian adults have used a computer and 50% of adults have accessed the Internet. More recent figures indicate that there are over 14.7 million Australian internet subscribers, which translate to a high level of internet penetration at 88 percent.

Educational technology is trending towards e-learning; along with this, online learning while at home, or even while on the move has become common. With edtech’s brilliant innovation, gamification, teachers are increasingly integrating content in online courses into online games. This does not only make learning fun, it also helps in measuring the learner’s progress.

Flexibility, learning in comfort and at the learner’s own pace, more time to think through certain concepts, and the important aspect of developing a digital skill set: these are some of the benefits of online education. But there are also some disadvantages. Learners who opt to study at home need a lot of self-discipline to stay the course and not get distracted by the things one can do with a computer and in the Internet. Parents and guardians will play a crucial role in this. They will need to complement and at times supplement the guidance provided by educators. Internet safety is also an ever present concern. The well-being of the learner is always a priority.

A solution is thus needed that tackles this problem from the inside, enabling parents to fully realise the benefits of the internet yet stave off its negative effects. It should enable parents to be present in the online lives of their children so they can support them in their various endeavors, the most important of which is their education.

Visible internet has the option to connect their students’ internet to their parents – this being a hugely important feature considering the times.
Parental involvement not only enhances academic performance, but it also has a positive influence on student attitude and behavior. By extending

Visible Internet to parents, educators can confidently adapt distant learning into their schools. With various effective teacher tools at hand, educators and parents can make online education a viable option for those who prefer to stay at home, learn at home. As Professor Peter Thomas succinctly put it, we could design a learning program that is motivated not by a desire to use the latest technology for its own sake, but to learn about and use what is effective in enhancing learning.