May 8, 2020

Take a Bow! | 1 min read

It’s incredible to observe the extraordinary work of educational leaders, school staff and teachers during these unprecedented times. Most schools have had zero time to deliver their distant learning applications and with no previous experience of really knowing what are best practices or effective strategies. All schools where forced to set off on this journey with no guidelines or instructions. They where all expected to lead both student learning and well-being outside the structure and safety of school. I have to commend them all for the amazing job they have done and are doing under extreme circumstances. 

Every school has demonstrated agile thinking and adaptability in meeting these challenges. They have all been challenged on so many levels and its testament to their resolve and determination to give their students the best of opportunities during this tough time. As a community we couldn’t be prouder of how our teachers, school staff and educational leaders have conducted themselves. They all deserve to be honoured and praised for their amazing resilience and selfless mindsets. 

They are all operating in different working & learning environments but they have taken this in their stride and still delivered. Today’s students should be proud of their schools and proud of themselves. Schools have set ambiguous targets for their students, developed the right online approach and taken the Edutech entrepreneurial spirit to a whole new level. 
Thank you so much!