July 5, 2019

Technology Assisting SPED Kids | 2 mins read

Technology plays a very important role in a room with diverse students, be it in a General Education set-up or Special Education. Talking about the latter, this doesn’t only involve a special teaching technique or a carefully planned curriculum but through the use of appropriate technology and resources, a teacher can easily monitor development in terms of communication, behavior and emotion.

If you are thinking that kids with special needs cannot and will never be at pace with the normal ones when utilizing the same technology, then you are absolutely wrong. Even if a kid is said to be underprepared, there is a special approach and technology designed to achieve success in learning.

Assistive Technology addresses a lot of learning problems by providing aid to kids with developmental, cognitive, physical or behavioral disabilities. It has been demonstrated that it compensates any learning deficit by allowing the kid to maximize his/her learning potential while encouraging responsible freedom. Letting a child feel the sense of independence is a must.

Note that Assistive Technology is not only about hardware but there are apps and tools available online as well. There are instructional software, audio books extensively available in dedicated e-libraries, talking word corrector and calculators, speech synthesizers that helps children in improving language, special keyboards, OCR or Optical Character Recognition used in scanning printed materials and many other tools.

In conclusion, it’s best that the learning experience for children with special needs is personalized, engaging and motivating so their potential is reached just like any typical students.