August 2, 2021

The Positive Effects of Technology | 1 min read

American Cornell University Tomoe Kanaya conducted scientific research in 9 schools with 9,000 participating students from different social groups. Results show that the IQ scores of the current generation are higher than the previous ones and experts link it to technology. Technological products with increased stimuli serve as exercises that enable children to solve more complex problems. Have you observed this with your students?

Moreover, compared to the previous generations, children who used internet-based devices throughout their lives are more optimistic about finding answers to questions; thus, they are more willing to tackle challenging scientific or philosophical problems.

This generation seems to be more creative, too. Unlike television, social media allows us to engage with text, images and videos. It promotes the culture of sharing creative ideas, DIY projects, book reviews or photo albums. They do things that they find interesting and engaging and things that they think can contribute to society in any other way.

Have you observed your students lately? Are they keener to answer challenging questions and interested in expressing their creativity? Let us know in the comments below.