March 9, 2020

Wellbeing for Students, Teachers and School Staff | 1 min read

Intangible things have always been a challenge to measure, count or calculate. How do you estimate someone’s kindness, generosity, patience, loyalty or wellbeing? This is especially true with elearning and edtech apps and platforms where the teacher cannot see their students’ facial expression, gestures and mannerism. But carefully observing the students face-to-face in the classroom, hallway or within the school vicinity should help school staff measure how well the learners are doing.

Wellbeing generally refers to someone’s mental, socio-emotional and psychological health and wellness. And to measure someone’s state of wellbeing, psychology and psychometrics instruments, which are constantly progressing, can be used. But more often than not, teachers are asked to be on the frontlines in promoting the children’s wellbeing despite of little to no clinical background. It is apt to remember that we cannot give something we do no have. So, schools should promote wellbeing practices not only for the learners but for the teachers and school staff as well. And hard as it may be, wellbeing should also be observed when using elearning or edtech tools to achieve optimal result .