May 13, 2020

What Are You Focused On?

COVID-19 has deeply and abruptly changed the way we live our lives. Adults are forced to adapt how they will go about their work, kids and young adults alike with their schoolwork. Everyone is affected. Every family is affected.

Different families have different needs. With so many things that need our attention, it is easy to lose our focus, causing us to occasionally drop a ball or two in this juggling act that we are forced into.

What are you focused on?

Focus on hope. Have a positive outlook no matter how bad the situation we may find ourselves in. As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Optimists don’t give up as easily as pessimists, and they are more likely to achieve success because of it. We are all warriors battling for survival. Lift your head. Don’t be scared of the things that could go wrong along the way. We will win.

Focus on love. Random simple acts of kindness that show our love to our family members and community validates and gives essence to our humanity. One of the things that quarantine has given us is time- to assess and strengthen our bonds with each other. Stay connected. Time, that we could use to revisit our passion and learn skills we’ve always wanted to have. Stay creative.

Fear, anger, sadness- these are basic emotions that may overwhelm us in this trying times. Focus on happiness. Let our thoughts and actions aim to bring us and those around us happiness. We will get by, with a smile. We can never be too happy in this life.