November 5, 2018

What is the Dark Web?

When I first heard of the Dark Web my initial thought was its an RPG game that my children play, but after doing my own research. I was stunned. At that moment I felt anxious and needed to be more protective and vigilant not only for my family but also for my friends. I would have been never thought the internet has such an underbelly.

The Dark Web in layman’s term is simply a collection of sites hidden away beneath the internet surface . Full of unverified content and all unindexed by any search engine. This could be anything illegal that may infuse harm to anyone and could exploit the vulnerability of the innocent. Note that this is not just about pornography, DW could also be constituted to fraud, gambling, drug trafficking, websites with violent and illicit content, phishing, scams and terrorists who can actually track a person when their page is visited! Just anything that offers unlawful services in the web can be tagged with a red flag.

While the World Wide Web conforms oneself with new learning and entertainment, it can also be a haven for criminal activities and underground den for different sub cultures like; online bashers, social media racists, cyber bullies, homicidal and suicidal community.

I may not be able to stop these people with malicious intent in a blink of an eye, but I can keep a very sharp eye on my own family.

As parents we need to be aware of what the Internet is bringing into our family’s lives. As I say I can’t control it but I can communicate with my children so they are aware and prepared. The Internet has changed so many things and family is no different. My mum’s era got it so easy so I tell her but she’s probably right when she says that we can choice what we take from the Internet and it can only make our lives better if we choice wisely.

So let’s get involved with our children’s digital lives and guide them so they can make positive choices when using the Internet.