May 22, 2020

Why Jumping Around is Important During an Online Class

Brain breaks or short breaks during a class which usually include physical activities are encouraged during eLearning sessions. Aside from the accelerated blood flow throughout the body, brain breaks also help learners improve clarity and focus.

Scientifically speaking, our vestibular system, a sensory system, that produces and controls movement is located in the inner ear and it is only stimulated through movement. It is evident during prolonged moments of stillness; you can see people becoming fidgety and sometimes impatient. So, instead of forcing our learners to stay still for the whole duration of the class, incorporating these breaks in between is essential in retaining their attention.

Usually, teachers include 2-3 minutes of breaks to encourage their students to move around, talk about other things other than the topic and even meditate! We might forget this during online classes since most of the school work is done through our gadgets. But you can still do so by stretching together, dancing to a trending music, jumping around and even a quick whole-body workout.

If our students need these brain breaks, us educators also need it. If you’re feeling stressed or burn out, maybe you need a change of activities to stimulate your vestibular system.

Get up, jump around and go back to work feeling energised.