February 10, 2020

Words count! Choose them wisely. | 2 mins read

Growing up, my mum would always remind me to think before I speak. She said words count. They are one of the most powerful things we have. Every word we speak is a reflection of how we think. They can be a double-edged sword and should be handled with care.

Students will struggle to learn anything if they don’t feel that we care about them. Showing our students we care through carefully selected words, can encourage them to learn. On the other hand, words spoken impulsively out of anger can break their spirits. Our will words help them find their own voice and with that, the power of expression.

According to Yehuda Berg, ““Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.” It is an essential tool in communication and thus, relationships. But will educational tools replace our caring, compassionate and empathetic words and redefine the art of communication? How often do we converse with our students? Do we chat more than we talk?

With the rise of educational technology on new e-learning platforms, teachers are relying more on teacher tools to express themselves. Using the right technology that communicates to students in different ways requires a new language. Teachers and staff still hold the keys to success if they continue expressing the right words of encouragement when they adopt new technology for their students. If we want to achieve harmonious integration of educational technology tools in the classroom without compromising communication, then there should be balance. Talk to your students and listen. Choose your words wisely.